Massachusetts home insurance.

Massachusetts Homestead Act

The Massachusetts Homestead Act Massachusetts Homestead Act is designed to allow homeowners in Massachusetts to protect their primary residence against subsequent attachment, levy or sale to satisfy debts up to $500,000. The Homestead Law does not protect against: taxes or mortgages used to purchase the residence. Homeowners must file for the Homestead Act with The … Continue reading “Massachusetts Homestead Act”

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How can I save money on my home insurance?

How can I save money on my home insurance? If this were the Family Feud we’d say: 100 people surveyed, top 8 answers are on the board! Let’s hear it for: Consider larger deductibles. Different property deductibles are available for choosing; $250, $500, $1000 and $2,500 deductibles are available. Savings in increments of 10% are … Continue reading “How can I save money on my home insurance?”

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