Massachusetts home insurance.

Winter Storm Watch: Snow Removal Tips

The Basics Snow shoveling can be compared to weight lifting, and in some cases, the aerobic aspect of this activity is similar to a workout on a treadmill! To help your body function on demand, consider the following … Be heart smart! Don’t eat or smoke before shoveling snow. Avoid caffeinated beverages. These are stimulants … Continue reading “Winter Storm Watch: Snow Removal Tips”

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Homeowner Insurance Review

The standard homeowner (HO-3, Special Form) policy provides broad protection for your home however, there are limitations to coverage. Section 1, Property Coverage, excludes coverage for loss resulting directly or indirectly from:  Ordinance or Law, Earth Movement, Water Damage, Power Failure, Neglect, War, Nuclear Hazard, and Intentional Loss. The home insurance policy does not include … Continue reading “Homeowner Insurance Review”

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