Massachusetts Flood Insurance

Did you know that your Massachusetts home insurance policy DOES NOT INCUDE FLOOD COVERAGE?

Many people find out too late that they are at risk for flooding, and even worse that their home insurance doesn’t cover flood damage.

-Your Massachusetts homeowner insurance policy DOES NOT cover flood loss to your home and contents.
– In certain areas, the chance of a flood loss is 25% greater than a loss due to a fire during a 30 year mortgage.
– Six out of every ten declared disasters involve flooding.
– Homes in areas where there is new construction or where there have been other events, such as forest fires, may be in greater danger than in the past because of changes to the land around them.
-25% of all floods occur outside of a high-risk flood area.
– Federally backed mortgages in certain areas require flood insurance policies for the life of the mortgage.

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