Claim Time: Home Insurance Inventory

A home inventory list of your belongings including item description, make, model, serial number, value, and purchase date can be a huge help to everyone at claim time.

You can create your own list using a spreadsheet or fill out a home inventory checklist.

Consider a Visual Record of your personal property.

A visual record reflects proof of ownership and can be accomplished with video walk-through or series of photographs.

Document Thoroughly

Your home inventory will help you at claim time whether you have a total loss by home or fire or if it is a theft of a few items. The more thorough you’ve documented your possessions, the easier the claims process should be.

A good way to start is to move from room to room, listing items as you go. Don’t forget to include basement, attic, garage, and detached structures.

Pay special attention to your most valuable possessions, such as antiques, art, jewelry, collectibles, and electronic equipment. If you have any questions about which items are covered, call your insurance agent!

Keep items such as: Receipts, credit card statements, & appraisals

Once you’ve created your home inventory, make sure to update it as you acquire or get rid of items over time.

Keep Your Home Inventory Safe

Don’t let your home inventory become part of a property loss. Whichever inventory method you choose, it’s important to keep a copy in a bank safe deposit box or other secure location away from your home.

Forward a copy to your Massachusetts homeowner insurance agent.

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