MA Home Insurance Inventory Checklist

home insurance checklist

The homeowner insurance policy is one of “utmost good faith”- meaning that each party involved in the insurance contract (client, agent & insurance company) is acting in good faith and that everyone trusts one another.

At claim time, anything you have in the form of receipts, detailed descriptions, appraisals, inventory listings, video etc., can be extremely helpful.
In the old days, we recommended our clients fill out a home inventory checklists — send us a copy, and keep another copy in a safe, fire-proof location. Checklists can still be helpful but now -even better- is video. If you video your home and belongings and store in the cloud, at claim time, you should have no problems.
Another site sponsored by the Insurance Information Institute ( offers free, online inventory and checklist software/app.
If you would like a free, home insurance inventory checklist, please call or click us today! Your Online Independent Massachusetts Insurance Agent!

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