Home Insurance for High Value Homes in Hopkinton, MA

Home Insurance for High Value Homes in Hopkinton, MA

Johnson & Rohan Insurance Agency is running a limited facebook campaign because we are so excited about our appointment with A- rated, Swyfft. We can now offer “Geico-like” savings on home insurance for high value homes in Hopkington, MA.

We decided on, of all towns and cities in Massachusetts: Hopkinton.

Why? Not only does The Marathon start in Hopkinton but so does the start of our new, Swyfft campaign. Hopkinton is a beautiful town and it’s growing. New construction and high values are well within Johnson & Rohan Insurance’s facebook campaign’s wheel house.

In addition to savings, Swyfft policies include guaranteed replacement cost on both dwelling and personal property coverage.

To qualify for coverage, your home must have: circuit breakers, be in good condition, not be rented, and have minimal claim history.

Getting a quote could not be any easier. Just enter your address and e-mail address. That’s all we need.

Within minutes you will receive a quote that will change how much you pay for home insurance.



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