It’s a named peril, Sandy

Huricane humor. Too early? Probably.

Insurance companies and consumers up and down the east coast are bracing for Hurricane Sandy. Property owners are wondering if there’s coverage.

The short answer is: yes. Your standard home insurance policy has coverage for the peril of wind. Subject to your policy’s deductible.

However, many policies, especially coastal properties, have special Hurricane Deductibles which is different than your standard deductible.

If damage is done to your property (wind, wind-driven rain, etc.) due to a named Hurricane (Sandy) then your policy’s Hurricane Deductible will apply.

Hurricane deductibles can range from 1%, 2%, 5%, up to 5% of your policy’s Coverage A, Dwelling, amount.

This means, for instance, if you have a Coverage A, Dwelling, amount of $300,000 and a 5% Hurricane Deductible, then coverage is subject to a $15,000 deductible.

Call your friendly, independent, Massachusetts insurance agent to verify your policy’s coverage.