Dog Owner Tips

Dog Tips

Dog Owner Tips


Dog bites are serious insurance business.  Over 2,000 injuries that require immediate medical care result from dog bites, daily!  The owners of these poorly behaved dogs can be held legally liable for their dog’s actions.  Forunately, many of these bites are covered by Homowners policies, with some exceptions. In fact almost 33% of all claims paid by insurance companies through Homeowner policies are the result of dog bites.  Many companies won’t write new policies for homeowners with dogs considered to be aggressive breeds- rotweilers, pit bulls and German Sheppards are often on these lists.  Some carriers even request pictures of mixed breed canines to try to determine breed traits.


No dog owner wants their dog biting friends or family, so here are some suggestions from professional dog trainers.


*Consider dog breeds carefully prior to selecting your new pet.  Some breeds are more aggressive than others.  You can even ask your insurance agent about a list of breeds that are problems for insurance companies.

*Spay or neuter the animal, as this often decreases the aggressiveness of dogs.

*Seek a veternarian’s advice quickly if your dog starts to become aggressive.

*Socialize your dog from an early age to encourage appropriate behavior.

*Never leave dogs alone with small children.

*Avoid aggressive games with puppies and dogs- tug of war, wrestling.

*Don’t put dogs in situations where they can feel threatened or teased.

*Train your dog to obey commands.

*If your dog does bite someone, a board certified plastic surgeon should be consulted to minimize scarring and/or potential disfurgement.


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