How Can I Save Money on my Massachusetts Insurance?

Save Money on MA Insurance!

Consider larger deductibles. Different property deductibles are available for choosing; $250, $500, and $1000 deductible are available. Savings in increments of 10% are commonplace per deductible.

Try to remain in the Voluntary Market! Insurance Companies reserve the right to insure or renew properties. If you have had a few losses within the past couple of policy years your insurance company may decide to not renew you.

The MPIUA (Massachusetts Property Insurance Underwriting Association) offers  insurance to properties that are not insurable on the voluntary market. The cost to insure with them is usually considerably more expensive than the consumer will find on the voluntary market.

Some of the credits that are available to insurers are:

Protective Device Credits … starting with deadbolt locks, extinguishers, and smoke detectors are available. Larger credits are available for Local and Central Station burglar and fire protection systems.

Non-smoker credits … if you and household members are non-smokers some companies offer discounts to non-smokers.

Loss Free Year Credits … if you have not had any losses in multiple years some companies offer “Loss Free Credits.” Check with your Independent Insurance Broker to see if you qualify for any companies’ programs.

Home Renovation/New Home Credits … if you have renovated your home within the past 10 years some companies offer Renovation Credits. If you are buying a new home, some companies offer large New Home credits.

Account Discounts … some insurance companies offer 10% “Account Discounts” if you insure your home and auto with the same company … in addition, some companies may waive service charges.

Shop Around!

Different companies offer different discount programs for different properties and property owners. Shop around with different companies to see who is offering the best deals. Your local, independent Insurance Broker uses numerous companies to find you the best rates & service!