MA Home Insurance Review: Do Yourself a Favor

Massachusetts Home Insurance Review

It is important to understand your insurance coverage.

Each year at renewal time, you should schedule an insurance review with your independent, Massachusetts agent.

If you do not have an agent and you go directly through the insurance company, do yourself a favor, call them and ask for a coverage and discount review. Then call a local, independent, Massachusetts insurance agent to compare.

Become an engaged insurance consumer!

Some questions to ask:

  • Do we carry adequate liability limits? Limits should equal, at least, your net worth.
  • Should we carry Umbrella coverage?
  • What is the value of our vehicle? If the value is low, should we still carry collision coverage?
  • If our car loan is paid off, should we remove the lienholder on our policy?
  • Are we getting all available discounts?

Please utilize our services, as well, for an annual insurance review, explanation of coverage, & discount double-check.

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