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Is your home insurance too expensive? If so: you are not alone. Across the country insurance companies are hedging their bets to ensure they don’t lose money.

The stakes are high. New, trending now, AI (artificial intelligence), start-up insurance companies are launching new business paradigms.

Buyer, startups, insurance companies and agents beware.

Every year Massachusetts’ home insurance consumers should take a few minutes to review coverage and premiums with us here at HomeownerQuote.

As life changes, home insurance needs change as well.

HomeownerQuote.com’s Renewal Checklist:
  • Do you own jewelry, furs or watches with values over $1,000?
  • Do you own silverware with a total value of over $2,500?
  • Do you have a collection of valuables, including: coins, stamps or other?
  • Do you own any of the following: Musical Instruments, Fine Arts or Antiques, Camera Equipment, Sports Equipment, Personal Computer?
  • Do you own a boat?
  • Is there a trampoline on your property?
  • Do you have any tools, equipment or other property used in your business or occupation?
  • Would you like your insurance to provide: Replacement Cost Protection on your Dwelling, on your Personal Property, Credit Card/forgery protection, Ordinance or Law coverage, Earthquake coverage?
  • Flood is not a covered loss on a homeowner policy. Would you like to obtain rates for flood insurance? Also excluded from coverage are such things such as: rot, mold, mildew or animal/vermin/insect damage.
  • Are you interested in receiving information on: Auto, Life, Excess Liability (Umbrella), Boat or Business Insurance?
Home Insurance Too Expensive?

Have us shop you with numerous companies to find you the best rates and coverage.

All we need is your address and within minutes we’ll send you a customized home insurance quote.

Use HomeownerQuote.com and put the power of the independent agent to work for you!

The Inside Scoop on MA Home Insurance

Inside Scoop MA Home Insurance

Massachusetts home insurance can be complicated, especially if you add a vacation home to the equation. Take one look at your policy, and you may wonder what it all means. And yet, homeowners insurance is essential to protect the property you’ve worked so hard to acquire.


HomeownerQuote.com will be happy to explain everything you need to know about MA homeowners insurance, starting with these five tips:


  1. You’re generally insured for up to 80 percent of your home’s value. You may choose to purchase an additional rider for the remaining percentage, and raise your deductible to offset the premium.


  1. Many factors determine your homeowners insurance and vacation home insurance premiums. It starts with what the home is worth, and is followed closely by what the home is made of, its age and proximity to a fire station, and its general location, to name a few.


  1. Title insurance and homeowners insurance are two different things, and you need both.
    • Title insurance involves ensuring the title on your home is valid, and without defects or
    • Homeowners insurance is for property, possessions, and liabilities of guests on your
    • Tip: You may supplement your homeowners’ insurance with riders if need be for extra possessions, including items that are extremely valuable, such as jewelry; watercraft or other recreational vehicles you store in your home; as well as additional properties, such as rental or vacation homes.


  1. Your neighbor’s homeowners insurance policy should cover expenses involving items on their property doing damage to items on your For example, if your neighbor neglects to take down a tree that is known to be diseased, and it falls on your fence, you can file a claim with your neighbor’s home insurance provider.


  1. Put some thought into how much insurance you need. HomeownerQuote.com can help you determine homeowners insurance and vacation home insurance values, and find the most appropriate coverage of insurance for you, at the most competitive rates.

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Our pursuit is to quote your home insurance with numerous companies and show you different coverage and premium options.

Although our humble web log is dedicated to Massachusetts homeowner insurance, you should really be thinking about packaging your auto, home, and umbrella coverage with the same insurance agency.

By buying your insurance through your local, Massachusetts independent agent, you receive the benefit of having someone shop, compare and recommend an insurance program that is right for you and your family.

By packaging your insurance with one agent, you will benefit from account discounts and having someone working for you at renewal, claim or billing time.

Save money by requesting a Massachusetts homeowner insurance quote with us today.

You’ll be happy you did.