Oh no: Mold!



As independent insurance agents, we always hope there’s coverage for a client’s claim. However, sometimes when I hear certain things, such as “mold,” all the hope in the world probably won’t help.

When I hear the word “mold,” I think of homeowner insurance coverage exclusions.
Things that are excluded from dwelling coverage include: wear & tear, rot, mold, mildew, animal damage, earth movement (earthquake), flood & nuclear explosion.
If you’re worried about mold and mildew in your home, it’s better on the bank account to take care of sooner, rather than later.

Ice Dam Prevention: Snow Removal Tips

snow removal tips

In Massachusetts, the dreaded ice dams are here. The combination of fresh snow melting and refreezing on the edge of your roof line can prevent water from draining on your roof. This water can back up under your roof shingles and make its way into your house causing lots of damage, stress, an insurance claim and higher insurance premiums.

If you have more than a foot of snow on your roof, the best way to avoid an ice dam is to start by having the snow removed.

Snow Removal Tips

Removing snow from a roof can be a tricky and dangerous business. Avoid using a ladder in snowy and icy conditions. If your roof is not accessible from the ground with a roof rake, it’s a job best reserved for the professionals.

Contact a roofing or landscaping contractor, property maintenance company, or home builder to remove the snow and ice. Before hiring a contractor, check references and be certain they are insured and bonded.

For sloped roofs:

A roof rake is a long-handled tool which may help remove snow and ice from your sloped roof. Stand on the ground and pull as much snow off the roof as possible. Be sure to pull the snow only in the direction the shingles are facing, so you don’t damage your roof.

For flat roofs:

If your roof is flat and easily accessible, shovel the snow off the roof, but be careful not to damage shingles.

Also remember to put safety first any time you are on a roof, especially one that is covered in snow and ice!